Waterborne law enforcement

In Louisiana we are fortunate to have a robust law enforcement presence on the water all across the state. Wildlife enforcement agents can be found working everything from the federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the rivers and lakes of North Louisiana[…]


Panthers: Are they for real?

I always enjoy a good, spirited discussion about an interesting topic, and how much more interesting and controversial could a discussion be than one centered around the existence of large cats — panthers, mountain lions or maybe you prefer to call them cougars — in Mississippi and its neighboring states?[…]



On the coast, most of the action for speckled trout will come in the surf or in the larger lakes and bays. Start with poppers — such as Skipping Bugs — at first light. Around midmorning, switch to sinking flies. In the surf, that would be either a Deep Clouser or weighted Seaducer pattern. Let the fly sink for 10 seconds; then strip. Inland, that would be a clouser or weighted shrimp pattern about 30 inches under a VOSI.[…]