Freshwater Superhighway

Doc Fontaine’s brother-in-law of the month was visiting South Louisiana from Oregon for a wedding. He also wanted to squeeze in some of the fabulous fishing Doc had been preaching about since they’d met a year earlier.[…]


Cat Sticking

“Go jump in the lake.” Usually, if someone makes that remark to you, it isn’t meant in a good way. However, if you’re told that by a certain group of catfishermen, you should take their advice.[…]

Bass Fishing

Prehistoric Pearl

As the Pearl River flows past the town of Bogalusa on its way to Lake Borgne, the winding path provides a state line for Louisiana and Mississippi, but the scenic beauty offered by the river is boundless.[…]


Same As It Ever Was

What must it have been like to fish for bass in Louisiana’s fresh and brackish marshes a hundred years ago, when the Mississippi River regularly cut crevasses and spilled its nutrient-rich load into the already fertile wetlands?[…]