Bass Fishing

Shroud of Mystery

Caddo Lake, a 26,800-acre unspoiled treasure shared equally by Texas and Louisiana, has been called “the most beautiful lake in America” as well as “the best big-bass secret in the South.”[…]

Marine Electronics

Electronics lingo made simple

Reading the owner’s manual for a fish finder or GPS navigator exposes you to terminology found nowhere else. Here is a quick primer translating some common but important terms in the language of electronics.[…]


Dog Days

Glenn Leingang has nowhere to go but down. That’s what happens when you achieve the pinnacle of a sport so early in your career.[…]

Bass Fishing

Bass Lake Report Card

Considering that successful bass fishermen do their homework before going on the water, how about subjecting the many bass fisheries in Louisiana to academic standards of their own for 2003?[…]

Ask Captain Paul

It’s not difficult to convert coordinates

Capt. Paul:

I was wondering how to convert lat/lon coordinates. A source of information on current rig locations in the Gulf of Mexico list their locations in the following strange format as I have listed below. I would like to be able to convert into a ddd mm.mmm format that I use in my GPS unit.[…]


A Taste of Spring

“You cast that bait right over that reef, and I guarantee a fish,” said Buras fishing guide John L. Taylor, pointing his 7-foot Shimano V-series rod toward a small spit of land near a sun and rain-scrubbed white PVC pipe leaning at a 60-degree angle.[…]