Two terms come to mind when anglers think about South Louisiana saltwater fishing — inshore and offshore. That’s about the only two places you can fish isn’t it? If you’re inshore, you’re definitely not offshore.[…]


Why your semi-auto pistol jams

Each time we teach a concealed-firearms course — and we teach at least one class each month — someone is going to come up to me or my associate instructor and ask us to check out his or her semi-automatic pistol because it keeps “jamming.”[…]


Team Terrebonne

“I hope you get one just like you one day,” my mother used to scream at me as I was doing such harmless things as knocking over our mailbox with the front bumper as she reached out the window for the mail or shattering the bulb under the ceiling fan in my room with nunchucks that were spinning in rhythm to “Eye of the Tiger.”[…]


Best of the Blue

Across the Louisiana coast, captains often agree the No. 1 question those shopping for a tuna trip generally ask is, “When is the BEST time to catch yellowfin tuna?”[…]


Lafitte Lowdown

There was the faintest hint of the day’s dawn when Rusty “China” Helmer stabbed the Cajun anchor into the soft mud of the shallow pond just south of Plum Point.[…]


Off the Charts

I was scheduled to meet Capt. Mark “Hard Times” Scardino (985-787-3529) at the dock of the newly renovated Sand Dollar Marina in Grand Isle at 6 a.m.[…]


Get ready for a spectacular show

It’s once again that time of year when we look back a couple of centuries, and give a hearty mental and emotional salute to the brilliant men who conceived of and fought hard to produce a country where the people are actually free to choose their destinies.[…]


Useful Idiots

Crankbaits have earned the nickname “idiot baits” because they are so easy to fish that any idiot can throw one out, reel it back and catch a bass. And, not to ruffle any feathers across the Bayou State, but these so called idiot baits work really well in Louisiana.[…]


Cat Sticking

“Go jump in the lake.” Usually, if someone makes that remark to you, it isn’t meant in a good way. However, if you’re told that by a certain group of catfishermen, you should take their advice.[…]


St. Drew

Julius Gibbs had never caught a fish. Ever. Not even a bream. Neither had Charles Nicholson. But thanks to Drew Brees, those days are over.[…]