Brush Busting

Growing up in Michigan, I cut my hunting molars beginning with rabbits. I often like to say that Michigan is the Sportsman’s Paradise north, but only as a close runner-up to the one here in the south — especially where rabbits are concerned. […]


Bayou Bunny Blast

I could hear the high-pitched yodels of the beagles heading my way along the canal spoil bank. I chose my spot carefully, not just because it would give me a clear shot at a rabbit ahead of the dogs, but it allowed me to also keep an eye on my buddy and my sons back at the boat. […]


Duck, Duck, Goose Combo

David Sims exchanged yodels with wary specklebellies, coaxing them ever closer to our pit blind. Stopping to catch his breath before starting another series of calls, he whispered to remind us, “Wait ’til I say shoot ’em.”

The crisp cold temperature, the light overcast and breezy conditions had birds on the move. The expanse of agricultural prairie swelled with the wild sounds of geese calling to one another in the atmosphere above.

And the bunch that Sims peeled away from the direction they were headed now seemed to like what he was telling them. […]

Bass Fishing

The 2011 tagging program

In an effort to determine the impact of angling pressure on bass in the Lacassine Pool, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries implemented a one-time study in 2011. The goal was to tag approximately 1,500 bass that were at least 8 inches and above in size. […]


Down on the Farm

A hit song by the late John Denver, way back in 1974, has lyrics that go, “Well life on the farm is mighty laid back, Ain’t much an old country boy like me can’t hack. It’s early to rise, early in the sack, thank God I’m a country boy.” […]