Inshore Fishing

Lafitte fishing hot even with high winds, LETUMGROW reports

High winds didn’t keep user Chris Ducote and his family off the waters this weekend, and they were rewarded with a plenty of met for the freezer.

“(We m)ade a nice weekend trip to our camp in Lafitte Friday afternoon (April 8) and fished with a lot of wind both Friday afternoon and all day Saturday,” Ducote wrote this morning (April 11). “As much as I hate fishing in the wind it did not slow down the bite. We caught fish both days in some pretty stiff winds.”


Freshwater Fishing

Toledo Bend report: Chicken Coop providing hot crappie action

Editor’s note: This fishing report is by field reporter Joe Joslin.

Most of you know my first love is bass fishing but in this week’s column I thought I would devote space to crappie coverage since I have had so many white perch/crappie questions.

In recent weeks Toledo has produced some really awesome white perch in numerous places on the lake but especially at the famous Chicken Coop. Most anglers who have lived in the lake area are aware of this part of Toledo lake, but numerous others may not. The results of the past two to three winters have been disappointing but not this year!! It has been off the charts. […]

Deer Hunting

User report: ‘I love this feeling!’ daughter says after killing first buck

The day started as a cool, crisp morning with calm wind. My daughter Emily was getting ready for school, and I (-Duckaholic-) commented that the afternoon would be a perfect afternoon to sit in the deer stand behind the house. I told Emily that if she was finished with her homework, I would take her deer hunting when I got home. School work comes first at our house. […]

Inshore Fishing

User Holy Mackerel: Counting many blessings

It’s been said the secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles. Sometimes we’re so caught up in whatever we forget to enjoy what we have or the moment. Even with a lifetime many of us have spent on Louisiana waters I find it hard to put into words the wonderment of wade fishing, swimming, and relaxing at Breton Island today. […]

Deer Hunting

User CKC Cowboy takes Red River trophy

I had a great New Year’s holiday, I took a real nice buck at Red River WMA Saturday, Jan. 2. Here is how it happened.

I got to Red River (Wildlife Management Area) Thursday around noon, and hunted that evening. Friday morning I hunted the same stand, then packed up around 9:00 and moved to another spot. […]

Deer Hunting

A hunting trip to remember

It was before sunrise on the morning of Sunday, December 13, 2009, when 6-year-old Cullen Edmonston looked at the cover of a hunting magazine and said, “Daddy, I’m going to kill one like that this morning.” Little did they know the statement was soon to be a true one. […]