Winter Hope

February is generally considered one of the toughest months for inshore saltwater fishing in Louisiana. Although fall and early winter speckled trout fishing can be fantastic, trout seem to go dormant in the depths of winter.[…]


Ultralight for Ultra-action

Sometimes less is more, or maybe smaller is better. Many “serious” fishermen may overlook ultralight baits, but their tiny package should not be ignored because they tend to induce big-time action when the bite seems to virtually shut down. […]


Stick ‘Em Up!

To the non-angler, the term stickbait is non-sensical.Maybe there could be such a thing as a shrimpbait or a minnowbait or a cricketbait, but a stickbait? A bait that looks like a stick?[…]


Same As It Ever Was

What must it have been like to fish for bass in Louisiana’s fresh and brackish marshes a hundred years ago, when the Mississippi River regularly cut crevasses and spilled its nutrient-rich load into the already fertile wetlands?[…]


Louisiana has seen its last Classic

Bass anglers, did you have a good time at the 2003 Bassmasters Classic in New Orleans? Did you enjoy learning how the best fishermen in the world fared on waters that are accessible to you every day? Did you have fun seeing the new boats, tackle and gear at the accompanying trade show in the Superdome?[…]

Ask Captain Paul

Which type of GPS should I purchase?

Dear Capt. Paul:

I usually fish the marshes around Lafitte, Bayou Segnette and in and around Vermillion Bay and Rockefeller, and would like to know if the Garmin 76s would be a decent marine GPS for my boating needs, or should I save the cash and buy a nice unit like the Garmin 178c?[…]