Ultralight for Ultra-action

Sometimes less is more, or maybe smaller is better. Many “serious” fishermen may overlook ultralight baits, but their tiny package should not be ignored because they tend to induce big-time action when the bite seems to virtually shut down. […]


82 Options: Fishing locations abound along Highway 82

Highway 82 in Vermilion Parish is a paved corridor through some of the finest natural areas in the state. During the fall, the wings of autumn buzz highway travelers on 82 while alongside the scenic highway, camo-clad hunters start getting their camps and leases ready for the coming duck and goose season.

This is where the flyway ends, and the first fronts of the fall signal hunters to the coming gun season.

To many, though, one season remains ever in play: Fishing takes no back seat, as the angling action remains hot when the chill winds start to blow. […]


Boudreaux Tackles Alaska

There were just too many caribou charging through the valley at once. Hank, 11 years old, had a hard time drawing a bead on a good bull.

Brett Boudreaux tapped his son on the shoulder, and they quickly moved out, trying to keep up with the herd so Hank could get his shot. Minutes were racing by, and the summer sun, at near 11 p.m., was finally setting. They had to get a shot off quickly because they thought the herd could be gone by morning. […]


Yakkity Yak!

The illuminated sign in front of the gas station showed their price for regular at $2.09 a gallon. National Public Radio said those prices — or even higher — were here to stay: instability in Iraq, possible tensions between the US and the newly elected, ultra-conservative leader of Iran and a booming Chinese economy were some of the major factors.



Easy East

It flashed like a silver dish flipping underwater. The lane snapper shot one way and then another.

Then it did nothing, and that made it even worse. The butt of my 7-foot Berkley was digging into my stomach as I tried to haul up the dead weight.

Earlier I had shed most of my extraneous clothing, so only my simple white undershirt, soaked through with sweat, was affording me protection from the friction. The snapper made one more run, then turned belly up, and I finally dragged it the last 10 feet to the net.

Bass Fishing

Tinkering with confidence

I had to look on the package to see if this would be OK or not. I mean, remove the hooks and put on red ones? Bend something, tweak this, and change that? Is it legal? No one ever told me I could do this before.

Well, the manufacturer did not say to keep away except for tying it on and casting it out, so it must be allowed, right?

Modifying your current stock of fishing lures may just be the most-important thing you do, ranking right up there with changing your line and cleaning your reels.

Sure, fishing is fishing, but we’ve all been there on days when our favorite lure just didn’t quite get the job done.

The idea of modified lures came from a good friend, Scott Louviere, who presented me with one as a going-away present last summer. Like me, Louviere likes to fish for bass in the Acadiana area.

Bass Fishing

Rockets to Ribbits

It was a steamy summer afternoon, and we were fishing in Mama’s Pond in the western Atchafalaya Basin. The water was just high enough to back into the trees and bushes along the shoreline.

My partners and I were throwing chartreuse buzz baits into the cover as far as we could, and we got a few good strikes on top. Still, in some spots, we could see about 8 more feet of good-looking water that we couldn’t touch with those buzz baits. That was 8 feet of fish-holding water that we couldn’t access, and it deeply annoyed us.

We all fiddled with some of the lures in our tackle boxes, and the three of us probably all gave a frog or a rat bait a brief look. It was weedless and maybe suitable for the situation, but that kind of lure is more of a novelty isn’t it? It catches fishermen, right, not bass?

That was our thinking, and it probably cost us dearly.


Stalking the Thundering Herd

The water explodes when redfish school up to feed on shrimp. Like geysers, the water erupts with intense fury as hundreds of redfish wreck a helpless pod of bait. Shrimp blast out looking like shards of glass being shot out of the water. Red tidal waves push here and there. Fury unleashed in only 18 inches of water. […]

Bass Fishing

Have a Cow, Man!

There is a hidden bass-fishing treasure in the Atchafalaya Basin that few know about and even fewer dare to venture. In it are some of the most exciting freshwater fishing opportunities that can be had in a lifetime, and the spot is not that hard to get to. It is just hard to get IN to. […]