Deer Hunting

Rut prep turns deer to natural foods

Every year I am amazed at how a deer seems to know what type of nutrition he needs at certain times of the year. It seems like flipping the light switch off: The deer just stopped eating rice bran and other high-protein feeds the first weekend of November from the Felicianas and north into Mississippi (Interestingly, it seems like the deer near the flooded river and south around Mount Pleasant and Baton Rouge are still eating the bran/protein). […]


Thanksgiving Week

I took vacation Thanksgiving week to catch up on some chores and, of course, make a few duck hunts! I went out with my son Monday (Nov. 23), and the very high tide from the Saturday storm put water over the transom of my boat. […]


Straight to the Pointe

I met Brian McAdam for the first time in the dark hours of a cold morning on Paris Road in Chalmette. We agreed to meet there so I could hop in his truck and make a fishing trip with him and one of his long-time fishing buddies, Wayne Lobell. […]

Deer Hunting

Moreland Matters

Dave Moreland holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in biology, and spent 30 years working with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. After serving 15 years in the field, Moreland became the state’s Deer Program manager in 1992. […]