Never take it for granted

I sit here on Thanksgiving morning giving thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for all he has blessed me with: my precious family, friends, job and country. We are all so blessed, but at times we may take some of these blessings for granted. We predict what we are going to do tomorrow, next month, in five years – but none of this is guaranteed. It is all in God’s hands and plans.

You guys know how much work, effort and planning I put into hunting each and every year. This year was no different; in fact, I probably scouted more and harder than I ever have. This was after undergoing surgery in June for a double hernia, which was caused by hunting activities from last season. Then on my first scouting trip, my ankle got stuck between two large branches and when I fell, it popped. Two weeks later I was back scouting (with a little limp! Haha!)

My season started well, when I took a nice 8-point buck at the Atchafalaya Delta Wildlife Management Area, on Oct. 12. But while hunting with my buddy Jason Aycock a few weeks ago, I aggravated a herniated disc injury I have in my neck. So for the last three weeks I have stopped hunting, trying to heal that disc back up to the point where I can return to hunting again. Sitting out these three weeks has been a bummer, as you would expect, from the pain of the injury – but even more from the pain of not being able to do what I love to do so much. Cheering for and watching my Saints has helped out a lot, but oh how I miss hunting!

I read about all my buddies’ exploits everyday and just wish I could be out with them chasing deer. That is where the “taking hunting for granted” comes in: Guys, be thankful for everything . Hunting is not a given. Nor is your health.

I can remember many times, while riding my boat down to the Delta, just thanking God for allowing me the time to be out enjoying what I love to do – whether it was quick hunt after work or an all-day hunt when I was off. Yes be thankful guys, not just on this holiday, but everyday.

I am praying that it is in God’s plan to allow me to get healthy enough to get back out to finish this season. That is my desire.  We’ll see what happens, but until then, you guys enjoy your time afield, be safe and have a great time!

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