Blind's Eye

Opening day good for some

Well, I think we lucked out in the coastal marshes this year. Comparing the marsh to last years’ dead zone, I would say we’re way ahead. Last week, as Hurricane Ida nosed its way into the Gulf, I was still celebrating the great hunt that I had been on with Paul and Mike Woods during the youth weekend. […]

Deer Hunting

What’s the deal?

Well, after a very good last couple of weeks of October, the deer movement has gone to close to non-existent. My hunting buddies from all over Louisiana and Mississippi and I were having great hunts from Oct.15 through around the first week of November, and all of a sudden it turned off like a light switch. […]

Deer Hunting

Public Ramblings

Ricky was born and raised in Morgan City and, while he loves all sports (football, basketball, snow skiing, tennis, fishing to name a few), his passion has become deer hunting. He also is a field reporter. […]


Browning First Aid kits

Unfortunately, accidents happen in the sporting world. That’s why Browning offers five first-aid kits. The kits, designed to support groups of varying sizes and different excursion lengths, are crafted from high-quality material to withstand the rigors of the field. […]