Bass Fishing

Venice bass are back following Hurricane Isaac

It is hard to think of catchy line to announce the news about Venice: Bass fishing is making a comeback. Several club tournaments and reporters are beginning to see an upswing on Venice bass.

Hurricane Isaac did a number on the lower Mississippi Delta, but Mother Nature has a way of repopulating an area. Immediately after the storm, reports were dismal to total devastation. But never underestimate the power of the mighty Mississippi and the amount of sediment, food and fish she moves in a few short months. […]

Bass Fishing

Larto’s Other Fish

Twenty-five miles south of Jonesville, Larto Lake is tucked into some of the best backwater fishing in the state. Late winter bass action on Larto, with its oxbow shape, is a jig fisherman’s paradise. […]

Bass Fishing

Prehistoric Pearl

As the Pearl River flows past the town of Bogalusa on its way to Lake Borgne, the winding path provides a state line for Louisiana and Mississippi, but the scenic beauty offered by the river is boundless. […]