Waterfowl dishes for your holiday table

Barbecued Duck

Ducks and geese have to be the most difficult of all game animals to cook. They have a reputation for being strong and gamey — almost “livery” in taste.

On top of that, duck and goose breasts are very lean and dry.

Pat Attaway’s Barbecued Duck recipe solves all of these problems.


Smoked Duck

Hunting ducks is fun. Cooking them is a lot tougher.

Rolling marinated boneless breasts in bacon and grilling them has claimed the loyalty of a lot of duck hunters, but unless a duck cook has a good recipe for whole birds his culinary arsenal is incomplete.

Here’s a recipe for Smoked Duck with a bonus recipe for Spicy Green Pepper Corn with Sausage.


Bacon-wrapped grilled goose breast

If the thought of bacon and cream cheese together has you salivating, you’ll love this recipe for Bacon-wrapped grilled goose breast.