Game recipe: Bacon-wrapped grilled goose breast

Try this recipe for a quick, easy and delicious meal.

  1. Fillet the goose breast off of the bone and butterfly it, leaving the meat connected on one side.
  2. Season the goose breast with salt and pepper, and marinate for at least a few hours or overnight in Worcestershire sauce and a small amount of liquid smoke.
  3. Remove the goose breast and place a 1-inch-by-2-inch square of Philadelphia cream cheese between the butterflied breast, and fold it over.
  4. Wrap the breast in bacon, using toothpicks to hold the bacon and the cream cheese together, and place the resulting wrap on a hot flaming grill for about five minutes on each side until the bacon is crispy.
  5. Then turn the flame down and cook for another five minutes on each side or until the middle is pink.
  6. Remove from the grill and serve hot. It is absolutely delicious.
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