2022-23 Deer of the Year

Each uniquely its own, these are the tales of this year’s big Louisiana bucks

The curtain has drawn. The buzzer has sounded. Turn out the lights; the party’s over. Louisiana’s 2022-23 deer season has come to a close.

It was a good one, especially for dozens of hunters who got the trophy of a lifetime. Since the season opened, the Louisiana Sportsman has featured some amazing deer harvested in Louisiana. Since deer season cranked up last fall, our writers have detailed the stories of 25 big bucks harvested across the Bayou State that cracked the 150-inch barrier, and of those bucks, 10 eclipsed the 170-inch mark. Numerous other big racked bucks were scored at 140 or better. And even though the scores may not have been as high, hundreds of other hunters, young and old, got their buck and a treasured memory to go along with it.

This is our annual Deer of the Year edition. Congratulations to all those previously featured and those newly featured here. We hope our readers enjoy reading about the successful hunts in the following pages. And if you aren’t pictured here or in our Scrapbook pages, never give up on your dream of a trophy whitetail.

To get all the details on every single deer Louisiana Sportsman has covered this season and in past years, head to LouisianaSportsman.com/bigbucks.