Squirrel Starters

It’s as real to me today as it was when it happened more than half a century ago. When my dad told me to pull on my boots, grab my jacket and come with him, I knew what that meant, especially if it happened on a Saturday morning in October. […]


Seed Snatchers

Toward the end of our most recent summer, sleepy-eyed residents lying in bed watching the 10 o’clock news perked up their ears at the mention of four words seldom uttered in the Bayou State: “late August cold front.” […]

News Breaker

Dove fields available to public

In addition to opportunities on several wildlife management areas, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is making three private fields available to dove hunters on opening day. […]


Nighttime Raids

Trivia has it that Georges Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935), the father of French cuisine, listed frog legs on the menu of the famous Hotel Carlton in London as, “Cuisses de Nymphe Aurore.”

Considered a disgusting food by the British, who could resist an item on the menu with a name such as “Legs of the Dawn Nymphs?” […]


Secrets of the Wily Wabbit

With cold, black noses pressed firmly against the steel door of the cage, the beagles whimpered in nervous anticipation. The smells of mud, cut-over pine and honeysuckle permeated the air, as 10 pair of puppy eyes watched camouflage-clad men remove shotguns from cases. […]


Coastal Killers

“There’s somebody back there!” Eddie hissed, spraying me with whiskey spittle as he pointed a gloved finger behind the duck blind. “I’ve been hearing them all morning.” His eyes were wild. His lips quivered. “SEE!….. Hear THAT?!” […]