Life in the Fast Lane

At the expense of small towns all across America, the Interstate system became a traveler’s best friend as Americans realized they could speed from one side of the country to the other without anything in their way. […]


Great 8

Taking a topwater to the crotch doesn’t sound like something a speckled trout angler would have to worry about. Sling a trout in the boat, let him flop around on the floor, grab him and unhook him. […]


The Lady and the Kid

“Well, at least the pork chop sandwich is good.” A half hour earlier, at 5 a.m., I stepped out of my truck under the Seabrook Bridge and a 20-mph wind hit me in the face like I had been smacked with a cast-iron frying pan. […]



It started with a casual greeting just before daylight recently when I bumped into Capt. Charlie Thomason at the dock of Blackie Campo’s Marina in Shell Beach. […]


Blues are La.’s freshwater big-game fish

Seldom do anglers associate “freshwater” and “big-game fish” together. But Louisiana, with the continent’s largest rivers, large and small lakes and reservoirs, vast freshwater marshes and seemingly endless miles of small rivers, bayous and streams, is home to several species of large freshwater fish. […]