2008 Turkey Forecast

A lady from St. Tammany Parish was quoted in an article within the past year that was rather telling. She said it used to be she was upset at the sound of chain saws in the woods around the parish.[…]

Bass Fishing

State of the State

Ah, the first hint of spring, whenever it comes in the next month or two, finds you with fingers trembling to tie on your favorite artificial lure with a resolve to cast and catch a “trophy” bass at a body of water somewhere in Louisiana.[…]


Brush Busting

Growing up in Michigan, I cut my hunting molars beginning with rabbits. I often like to say that Michigan is the Sportsman’s Paradise north, but only as a close runner-up to the one here in the south — especially where rabbits are concerned.[…]


Pompano Platforms

We arrived at Doc’s French Quarter bungalow elegantly early only to find the place already packed. “Geezum,” snorted Pelayo at Fontaine. “I thought you said it was an exclusive affair this year?”[…]


King of Reds

I felt like a king surveying his empire as Kris Culpepper gassed up his boat at the Venice Marina. However, looking at the expressions I was getting from those in the boats around me made me wonder if the king had no clothes.[…]

Hog Hunting

Preying on Predators

The gestation period for a wild pig is three months, three weeks and three days. Considering that a young sow has eight to 12 piglets with her first litter, and that a sow can have two litters a year, the unfortunate truth is that it’s not a matter of if you’re going to get wild pigs on your property, it’s a matter of when.[…]


Bad Rap

For many Louisiana sportsmen, February is the most dreaded month of the year. Duck and deer seasons are over, and the Mrs. is looking to cash in on those long-promised honey-dos.[…]