Speckled Science

Across the state of Louisiana, there is a lack of detailed scientific information about the movement of what ichthyologists would call the spotted sea trout, otherwise known to thousands of avid saltwater anglers as the speckled trout. […]

News Breaker

LDWF survey shows marked duck decline

The estimate of 1.8 million ducks on this survey is slightly lower than December’s estimate of 2.0 million, but 60% lower than the 4.4 million estimated in January 2007. It is the lowest January estimate since 1987, and is 44% below both the most recent 5-year and long-term averages (3.2 million). […]


Mailbox Bass

Have you ever seen one of those largemouth-bass mailboxes that some people have in front of their houses? Imagine taking one of those boxes and putting a couple treble hooks on the bottom of it. […]