The X-Factor

A deer walks into range. Quietly, the hunter takes aim through his scope. At just the right moment, the safety is clicked off and the hunter gently squeezes the trigger to send an arrow through the broadside buck.[…]


Redfish Workout

Bayou La Loutre, I think most will agree, is among our narrower thoroughfares for accessing honeyholes. Compared to the Barataria Seaway, the Houma Navigation Canal and what used to be the Empire and Buras canals, it’s a ditch.[…]


Not all batteries are created equal

Many fishermen and boaters call any sealed, maintenance-free marine battery a gel battery, and that isn’t correct. We discovered in the charging column the differences between types become more than just semantics if you destroy a battery by using the wrong charger on it.[…]


Makin’ Bacon

When I’m hungry for fish, I don’t care if the fish are hungry,” proclaimed John Supan with a puckish grin. “I love to hook-and-line fish sometimes, but throwing a recreational cast net is much more efficient. It’s fun, too.”[…]


Kings of the Road

Over four decades of rolling down Louisiana Highway 1 to Grand Isle, I’ve whizzed by hundreds of them — those stalwart souls fishing off the shoulder of the road or its bridges.[…]