Bass Fishing

Delicious Decline

The Choctaws called it “Atchafalaya” (ha-cha-fa-lia) for Long River, and, indeed it is long, winding through the center of a 930-square-mile region of bottomland hardwoods, with pristine backwater lakes, bayous and seemingly endless tupelo and cypress swamps in between.[…]


The AJ Corral

The barrel-chested man’s face was florid, and he was sweating profusely. With two hands, he thrust the violently bucking rod into the grip of one of his fishing partners.“I love to jig; I love to hook ’em, not reel ’em in,” he grunted.[…]


How to Kill a Deer

Pelayo was up ahead, hunched over next to a little live oak that grew along the creek branch. He was staring at the ground and nodding. Then he started walking in a little circle, still focusing downward.[…]


Catching Passes

Fall is falling, and that means football season is under way. Fans are excited about the prospects of a good season as they pull for their favorite teams at the high school, college and professional levels.[…]


Chillaxing Your Deer

There comes a time in everybody’s life when some big lesson finally makes sense. It’s as if the light bulb going off above our heads is surrounded by a hundred angels all singing halleluiah.[…]