Inshore Fishing

Golden Meadow reds bite despite wind

As much as Capt. Chad Dufrene (985-637-6357) would like to get to the trout along the coast below Golden Meadow, the wind just isn’t letting him do it right now. That’s all right with him, though, because the redfish in the ponds are keeping him busy while he waits for the winds to lie. […]


Show Me the Snapper

Tom Maher doesn’t consider himself much of a fisherman. In April, though, he joined the ranks of those who are “addicted to fishing” after leading a group of employees and customers on an adventure to Venice. […]


The Hopedale Highway

It doesn’t take much effort to see what the primary occupation of the locals is when driving toward Hopedale. Signs advertising saltwater fishing charters hang out from waterside boat docks and piers like Spanish moss dripping from the Evangeline Oak. […]