Using the tip of a toothpick, pushed through a soft-plastic bait and the eye of the hook, will help keep a Texas-rigged bait from sliding down. Break off both ends of the toothpick just outside the worm’s margins.
Bass Fishing

Stick a toothpick in it

One of the best tools a bass fisherman can have, especially during the summer when fish live largely in deep, cool, oxygenated water, are toothpicks. […]


Knot of the month: Loop Knot

Many anglers have been fishing with someone, casting identical lures, with one angler catching fish and the other catching nothing.

That result can’t always be explained just by casting to different spots.


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Back-to-back bluefin total more than 1,500 pounds in North Carolina

The crew of the Grady Bunch, fishing the first two days of 2015 just outside Beaufort Inlet, may not have landed a state-record bluefin tuna, but the three men and a boy almost certainly accomplished a feat no other North Carolina saltwater crew has duplicated: Catching two bluefin tuna on consecutive days that combined to weigh more than 1,500 pounds. 


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Grass Drills

Largemouth bass love grass and so do bass anglers, just not the kind that requires mowing Saturday mornings or that Bill Clinton didn’t inhale. […]