Look out! Legislature back in session

There are many things I love about spring — manicured azaleas bursting with red, purple and white blossoms, the smell of freshly cut grass carried on thick breezes, and the rhythmic “tick-tick-tick” of a topwater bait that’s interrupted by an explosion from a yet unidentified fish. […]

Ask Captain Paul

Is your unit performing at its best?

Did you know that there may be a free upgrade to your present GPS receiver? No you don’t have to return the unit to the manufacturer for upgrading. If your GPS receiver has a capability to attach a PC interface cable to a computer, you or anyone who is computer literate may install the upgrade. […]


Louisiana’s First Hunters

The old logging road was a promising place to look for sign. It ran through a year-old clearcut before dropping off a slight ridge into Winn Parish’s Dugdemona swamp.

Before timber harvesting, the ridge had been covered with a variety of oak and hickory trees, providing a rich food source. It also was the nearest high ground that would serve as a refuge when Dugdemona River inevitably experienced its annual flood. A hard rain a few days earlier made scouting conditions perfect. […]