School of Hard Knocks

A few months ago, Louisiana Sportsman readers were shocked and saddened to learn contributing writer Humberto Fontova suffered serious injuries in a freak bicycling accident.

As we wish him a speedy recovery, we should also be resolved to be more careful out there. “There but for the grace of God …” […]

Bass Fishing

Paradise Parks

Louisiana’s state parks offer outstanding bass fishing in the spring and throughout the year. Here’s Louisiana Sportsman’s top-five picks, and tips on how to fill the livewell. […]


Nighttime Raids

Trivia has it that Georges Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935), the father of French cuisine, listed frog legs on the menu of the famous Hotel Carlton in London as, “Cuisses de Nymphe Aurore.”

Considered a disgusting food by the British, who could resist an item on the menu with a name such as “Legs of the Dawn Nymphs?” […]

Bass Fishing

Crawfish Class

While learning the biology of crawfish might turn off those of us who enjoy them surrounded by potatoes, corn and garlic, the opposite is true for those who want to catch more bass with them. […]