Options abound for transducer mounting

Transducers are much like television antennas — both must be mounted in the right place and carefully aimed to deliver top performance. A boat’s transducer must be installed where it maintains constant contact with the water as the craft runs and maneuvers at its top speed or pounds through waves in rough weather.[…]


Thrilla in Leevilla

Sweet November! Ever been on a really bumpy plane ride? I mean the kind that tosses and bounces the airplane around like a yo-yo, jars open the overhead compartments, sends suitcases and stewardesses sprawling and has half the passengers screaming or spewing, and the other half praying.[…]


September Mallards

Well, many thought my buddy Cal Fontenot and I were crazy to take on such an adventure. Besides, who just jumps in their truck and drives to another country in the hopes of killing ducks without making the first phone call, knowing anyone, or going through an outfitter (not that we could afford one)?[…]


Tuna Cruise

I’ve got a buddy who’s a fellow offshore fishing junkie. An attorney by trade, his preference of pursuit leans heavily toward the often excruciatingly heavy pull of a yellowfin tuna. Heck, he’s probably read more on intricacies of capturing yellowfins than any single facet of civil procedure.[…]