Washed Out

We had worked half the bay methodically, but with little success. Al Dusang landed one 16-inch redfish, and we had seen several others waking along the shoreline. […]


Top Ten Ways to Irk a Marina Operator

It’s the beginning of the saltwater season, and that means boaters of every stripe and color, from neophytes to veterans, will be descending on South Louisiana’s many coastal marinas.

Marina operators will welcome them with open arms. After all, these cash-plunking anglers put food on the tables of anyone who works for or owns a marina.

But marina operators don’t exactly have the world’s easiest life. They get up early and work late, and this time of year that means spending hour after hour in the blazing summer sun.

Exhaustion is often the enemy of patience, and more than one angler has met a marina operator’s wrath after doing something stupid at the end of a long day.

So here’s a top 10 list of what to do if you really want to draw that wrath this summer.