Tarpon in the Triangle

As the morning sun was just starting to glow over the horizon, the Mr. Todd made its way down Tiger Pass. The needle on the vessel’s temperature gauge climbed almost as quickly as the thermometer, reflecting the record 95-degree heat radiating from the nearby marsh.

Capt. Coon Schouest slowed the vessel to check out the situation. […]


Slack Busters

Robbie’s face lit up. His eyes bugged. A crazy grin creased his face. He’d just answered the cell phone from the passenger seat as we passed the Greater Macedonian Baptist Church on the way down to Venice. […]


Bull Red Two-Step

Bobby Chouest wanted to head to the near-shore rigs to catch some bull reds, but Buggie Vegas suggested trying Caminada Pass before making the several-mile run.

Chouest didn’t feel very confident, since the tide was moving out, but he shrugged and headed for the boat.


2005 Duck Forecast

Monday, Nov. 7 — The jet stream, that great river of air that drives the continent’s weather, stretches in a mildly undulating line from Oregon to Maine, pushing storms and weather fronts from west to east across North America. […]


2005-06 WMA Forecast

That wildlife managers with the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and private companies are doing everything they can to enhance hunting opportunities on public land has never been more apparent than this year. […]