Ask Captain Paul

How can I load more maps on my GPS?

Dear Capt. Paul:

I have a Garmin Street Pilot Colormap with Metroguide v5, and I have just purchased a 64mb data card. I have just figured out that the Colormap does not accept more than 50 maps, but with the maps I have picked I am only using about 44mb.Do you know of any way around the 50-map limit? If I use a USB programmer, can I get around the limit?[…]


Food Facts

It was hot in the woods, and mosquitoes rose in clouds each time a plant was disturbed.

On top of that, ticks crawled on anything with a pulse.

But Scott Durham was on his hands and knees, oblivious to the dangers of being sucked dry.[…]


Yakkity Yak!

The illuminated sign in front of the gas station showed their price for regular at $2.09 a gallon. National Public Radio said those prices — or even higher — were here to stay: instability in Iraq, possible tensions between the US and the newly elected, ultra-conservative leader of Iran and a booming Chinese economy were some of the major factors.



On Target

One of the more pleasant “distractions” involving trolling baits for billfish off the Louisiana coast is the tasty by-catch of dolphin — dorado or mahi-mahi for sensitive or easily confused types — big enough to attack and get a hold of a bait designed for the biggest of bites. […]


Late summer’s hot for El Diablo

My first encounter with large spanish mackerel left quite an impression. It was back many years ago. Mark Hilzim, current Sportsman VP of Sales and Marketing, and I took our wives down to South Seas Plantation Resort, located on Captiva Island in Southwest Florida.[…]

Bass Fishing

Cool School

The memories of the summers of my youth growing up in rural North Louisiana are as vivid today as they were then — no school for three months, shoes and shirts tossed in the closet, cut-off jeans the only required apparel until September.[…]


Calcasieu’s 4

August is an iffy month for fishing most any body of water in South Louisiana.Searing heat, time-consuming end of the summer activities and the beginning of the real tropical season tend to throw many fishermen off their rhythm in planning trips. […]