Boys of summer are on the beach

Summer’s here. Surf’s down, dudes!

As summer goes on, the surf along the entire Gulf of Mexico becomes more consistently calm. That is, until tropical storms enter the picture. Since that’s not likely until August, seize the days and make them count. […]


Benefits vary in canoes, kayaks

Not so long ago and not so far away, puddling, the sport of fly fishing from a paddlecraft, was dominated by canoes, as it had been for centuries. Then came the rise of “kayak fishing,” deemed as the hottest new segment of the outdoors market. […]


The Golden Ring has hidden gems

The vast wild region that extends some 250 miles in all directions from West Yellowstone, Mont., is home to snow-capped mountains, rolling ridges and valleys draped with towering trees and golden meadows, high desert plains with stark buttes that shoot into the sky, geysers, waterfalls and the widest variety of flora and fauna found in North America. […]