Knee-Deep In Sand

On one of those impossibly beautiful speckled trout fishing days in South Louisiana, when the wind was low, the sun gentle, the friends good and when all was right with nature and the boat, I felt, around mid-morning, that familiar tug on my line, and knew we were about to improve on perfection.[…]


New onboard chargers extend fishing time

An obscure paragraph of Murphy’s Law says that no matter how many deep-cycle batteries you connect to a trolling motor or how much storage capacity each one has, Mother Nature can hit them with enough wind or current to send you back to the dock early.[…]


Benefits vary in canoes, kayaks

Not so long ago and not so far away, puddling, the sport of fly fishing from a paddlecraft, was dominated by canoes, as it had been for centuries. Then came the rise of “kayak fishing,” deemed as the hottest new segment of the outdoors market.[…]

Ask Captain Paul

Why are computer, GPS not talking?

Dear Capt. Paul:

I just purchased a Garmin 176C, and I am trying to hook it to my computer. I have the interface cable hooked to my computer and GPS, but nothing happens. Should an icon come up on the screen? I have the blue chip data card. How does it interface with a computer from GPS?[…]