Mucho Mackerel

The wheels on the shiny black Explorer spun and squealed. The outboard on the Pro-Line roared. But nothing moved. Neither was budging on that backdown ramp. The pot-bellied guy at the boat’s wheel wouldn’t give up.[…]


Ship Shoal Slammers

Three anglers admired the all-too-uncommon spectacle of a gently rolling half-foot open Gulf swell at the same time they readied their long Carolina-rigged leaders in anticipation for the captain to give the OK to drop baits to the bottom.[…]


The Young and the Restless

In his two books, The Helldivers Rodeo and The Hellpig Hunt, Louisiana Sportsman contributor Humberto Fontova makes a convincing case that the drive to harvest living creatures is still alive on some level in every human.[…]


CCA champions public access, sort of

Obviously the good folks at Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana are not too pleased they’ve found themselves squarely in Louisiana Sportsman’s crosshairs the last few months, and to be fair, I really need to give credit where it is due.[…]