Ask Captain Paul

Quida Rocks, unit repairs and color

Q: I am looking for the true coordinates to the “Quida Rocks” or some name close. There was an article in Louisiana Sportsman that gave coordinates for it in the Vermilion 200-block area, but I went to it and the coordinates are for the rig in Vermilion 200 block.[…]

Bass Fishing

Night Bite

The towering thunderheads to the south were beginning to intermittently glow a dazzling bright orange color reminiscent of a carpet of bombs exploding in the wake of a passing B-52 Bomber. […]


The Golden Ring has hidden gems

The vast wild region that extends some 250 miles in all directions from West Yellowstone, Mont., is home to snow-capped mountains, rolling ridges and valleys draped with towering trees and golden meadows, high desert plains with stark buttes that shoot into the sky, geysers, waterfalls and the widest variety of flora and fauna found in North America.[…]


Get to the Point

The murky predawn glow of the ride across the coastal Terrebonne Parish marsh had broken spectacularly into a beautiful sun-soaked morning as we broke free of the rich salt marsh.[…]