Features from April 2019

Columns - April 2019

  • Is red snapper data flawed?
    Without a doubt, the most contentious fisheries management issue in Louisiana today is about how red snappers are being managed.
  • Kayak fishing on the edge
    Here's how kayakers can find hungry bass and redfish skirting the waters of the muddy Mississippi.
  • Lafayette cajun seasoning maker cooks boldly
    Recipes for Deep Fried Deviled Shrimp Eggs and Ay Yi Yie Crawfish Pie from Mikey Legendre, creator of Ay Yi Yie Cajun Seasoning.
  • LiveTarget Skip Shad
    The Skip Shad is the latest in ultra-natural, lifelike products from LiveTarget Lures.
  • Species spotlight: Choupique
    The bowfin (Amia calva), whose more common name is mudfish, is a close relative of the gar. Its stout body and long dorsal fin, which covers almost three-quarters the length of its body, give the fish a snaky or eel-like appearance.
  • The double-wheelie sharpener
    The double-wheelie blade sharpener is inexpensive, fits in your palm and only takes seconds to use.
  • Three twitch baits that lure uncommitted trout
    Below the surface twitch baits provide the perfect hybrid capability for those finicky spring topwater trout.

Outdoor Updates - April 2019

Field Notes - April 2019

  • Anchors aweigh!
    Certain bottoms or fishing situations call for one style or anchor over others. Here's some advice on which one is right for you.
  • Competition drives action at the rigs
    The engineers who designed all of the well heads, tank batteries and oil rigs that dot the state’s near-shore waters probably never thought once about all the fish that would be drawn to their structures.
  • Deep bayous get hot again
    Although springtime is when most anglers forget all about the inside bayous and target super-charged specks in the open bays, many fish remain in interior waters to feed on baby croakers.
  • How to maximize the sunrise bite
    Why do bigger bass bite best at sunrise and how to make the most of it.
  • The many benefits of using artificial shrimp
    Whatever your preference, you’ll find artificial shrimp comprise a highly versatile lure family well deserving of prime space in your tackle tray. Here’s a handful of ideas for their use.

Hot Spots - April 2019