The all-new 2019 Hobie Outback
New Products

New gear review

The Hobie Outback has been the world’s best-selling kayak for quite a while. Its feature-rich platform utilizing the unique Mirage Drive pedal system kept it a step above all other fishing kayaks — and it’s likely just jumped a few more steps. […]


Trestle mania 2018

When October arrives, Mother Nature typically loosens her grip on the heat and humidity that have gripped the state since early summer, and teases us with a few tantalizing cool fronts that usher in the start of fall. […]

Bass Fishing

Sling ‘em far

Whether they’re hot on the heels of fleeing baitfish or wise to your presence in clear water, fall bass can be hard to reach. That’s why long casts are golden in the fourth quarter. […]

New Products

Big Lake’s T-Rex duck calls

From T-Reed to T-Rex. It wasn’t a long stretch for the call designers at South Carolina-based Big Lake Outdoor Products, who earlier this year debuted a pair of T-Rex duck calls, one in acrylic and one in wood. […]

Ask Captain Paul

Capt. Paul’s Edge program for the Rigolets

According to Wikipedia, the Rigolets is an east-west 8-mile long strait connecting the northern part of Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne. “Rigolets” comes from the word rigole, which is French for “trench” or “gutter.” The name is locally pronounced “RIG-uh-leez.”  […]


The haunt for reds in October

Lately I’ve been enjoying the new “Jack Ryan” television series. Based on the novels by Tom Clancy, Ryan is a CIA analyst-turned-operative who is called upon to save our country from various enemies. […]



This month, specks will be thick in the interior lakes and marshes. Look for clear water and some tidal movement. Or better yet, diving birds. […]