Bump-and-run for Claiborne’s bass

Lunkers like this are fall targets when Jarred Fitch plays bum-and-run with Claiborne bass.

It’s football season and many good defensive backs rely on the bump and run when they are trying to slow down the other team’s receiver. With the bump-and-run, the DB bumps the receiver to throw him off his game.

It’s the same technique that West Monroe’s Jarred Fitch likes to use when he’s fishing for Lake Claiborne bass in October.

“You definitely need to tie on a squarebill crankbait and find some wood. It can be stumps, boat docks or trash piles,” he said. “Throw the bait out past the structure and reel it back and bump right into the side of the cover. Bumping the wood with the bait is the key. It will throw the fish off their game and they’ll nail it just out of instinct. You’ll be amazed how many bass you catch that way.”

Fitch’s favorite squarebills are the Sixth Sense lures in shad color, or the KVD 1.5 in any shad color.

The Sixth Sense rattles and can give you a little extra coverage, especially if the water is a bit off color.

He also likes to use a spinnerbait the same way. Throw it out and bump the cover on the way back in. His favorites are the War Eagle or Terminator brands in white, chartreuse or any combination of the two. His favorite fall sizes are 3/8- or ½-ounce baits.

“There is another thing I like to do with the spinnerbait this time of year,” he said. “I’ll reel it right to the cover, then just stop and let it fall. Sometimes I even flip it up by cover and let it fall with just enough tension left on the line so I can feel when they bite. Give that a try.

“The bass are beginning to chase shad to fatten up for the winter, and that’s the key to finding them. Start in the backs of the big coves on the lake and look for activity on the surface. If the bass are active, you’ll see shad flicking on the top of the water. Keep your eye on them and follow that activity. You have to move with the shad — because that’s what the bass are doing.”

There is one more trick he uses for early fall bass.

“You can’t beat a Senko rig at Claiborne this month,” he said. “Rig it up Texas or Wacky style. Toss it out by the cover and they’ll come out and nail it. My favorite colors are watermelon red and green pumpkin. You can’t cover as much ground as with the cranks, but you can catch some big bass. ”

Claiborne has several good launching areas, including a modern full-service state park. There are also several good marinas, and the town of Homer is just minutes away for all your fishing needs.

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