Shell Beach in the fall

Capt. Jacques ‘Jakamo’ Laboureur
Capt. Jacques ‘Jakamo’ Laboureur said live shrimp under a cork is the ticket for specks, but artificials will still work, too.

Cool temps, less fuel some of the perks

October means less fuel, less heat and better fishing, according to Shell Beach area guide Capt. Jacques  ‘Jakamo’ Laboureur (504-303-1494).

“The summer dragged on so long last year we had a late trout transition, and I see the same happening this year,” he said. “What that means is some good-sized trout will still be outside in Bay Eloi at structures and the Rocks, but they’ll also be swarming closer into the fringe bays like Lake Robin, Lake Campo, Lake Coquille and Lake Calabasse. This is a good month to hit all the big bays on the edges of Black Bay.

“But don’t ignore the Biloxi Marsh either, because there should be some very good action in the bigger bays on the eastern edges out there as well. Christmas Camp Lake, Lawson Bay, Lake Eugene — all that area should produce specks, and maybe some decent-sized white trout.”

Laboureur said he likes to drift the oyster reefs until he finds some action, and then set the Power-Poles down and see if you can put numbers in the boat. When the action dies, he resumes drifting and repeats the process.

Otherwise he likes to fish the mouths of bayous and passes where there is good water flow in and out of the marsh. The baitfish and shrimp flow through those areas with the current, and both trout and redfish wait in ambush.

“The beauty of the fall is the reds and specks are hunting together,” he said. “You’ll catch them both in the same areas, oftentimes in the very same spots using the same baits.”

For bait, Laboureur said live shrimp under a cork is the ticket to success, but you’ll also do some good with soft plastics. Matrix baits in the lemonhead or pink champagne colors are good choices, fished under a cork, tight-lined or in tandem.

“The birds weren’t active over the shrimp early this summer, but maybe they will be in the fall, and if you see them diving you should try fishing under them,” he said. “The trout schools are generally bigger in the fall.”

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