A poster on a fishing forum wrote that he was quitting kayak fishing because it was “becoming too mainstream.” He was kidding of course, but he made his point. […]

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Top frogging equipment

Frogging is a specialized sport. Even though frogs’ eyes shine in the dark, they can be hard to spot, especially if the frog is partially shielded by water lilies or sitting on the bank behind a bunch of brush. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Building a better jug

Jug fishing for catfish isn’t a very specialized endeavor, but following the advice of somebody who has been tweaking his jug fishing for the last seven or eight years will serve you well in your own foray into jug fishing. […]

Other Hunting

Defining the Atchafalaya Basin

It’s hard to define exactly what the Atchafalaya Basin is.

People can’t even agree on the name. Most experts on that sort of thing agree the name “Atchafalaya” is derived from the Choctaw Indian language and interprets as “long river.”  […]