Pop-Rs call bass off of cypress trees

Elite Seris pro Gerald Swindle loves cypress swamps, and he has a particular tactic for tempting big summer bass that are passing the lazy days in what they thought were tranquil spots.

Swindle looks for deep lanes on the inside edges of cypress swamps. Especially when the water’s high from recent rains, these shady inner edges offer attractive feeding grounds for bass — with a pretty nice nap factor, to boot.

Once he locates a likely lane, the G-Man makes short casts to individual trees, using a taunting cadence to drive resting bass into kill mode.

“I’ll throw that Pop-R right up next to a cypress tree and let it sit long enough for the rings to settle,” Swindle explained. “Then I’ll pop it a couple times, let it sit, pop it a couple more times and let it sit.

“Usually, if there’s one in there, he’ll get it.”

He’ll also work the outer edges of these lanes by slinging his Pop-R under overhanging branches or skipping light jigs or Texas-rigged plastics into those tighter spots.

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