The long awaited opening of red snapper season is finally upon us, and anglers across the state are eager to once again clear some room in their freezer.

Target big red snapper — with big live bait

Capt. Brent Ballay, and his wife, Capt. Meredith Ballay, owners of Cast N Blast Venice, say it’s all about offering red snapper a bigger fish as bait. […]

How to make a butterfly bait for snapper

Butterfly baits are highly effective for targeting large bottom fish such as groupers and large red snappers. Here are the steps to cut your own. […]

Finding red snapper

Bobby Terrebonne maintains that finding red snapper is not a big problem. Here he gives his best tips for bait and location. […]

The Not So Endangered Red Snapper

The crew of Sportsman TV had to clear some room in their freezer after a recent roundup of reef fish in the Gulf of Mexico. […]

Back to red snapper fishing basics

Terry Jacobs is what you might call old school. He eschews the myriad scientific thinking with regards to American red snapper, his favorite fish. […]

Snapper from the bottom up — Best tactics to fill your limits

Capt. Tommy Pellegrin of Custom Charters explains how to make quick work of a limit of delectable red snapper off the Louisiana coast. […]

How to boat big snapper

Orange Beach’s Art Jones said that pointing the rod tip at the water allows you to bring the rod straight up over your head when you get a red snapper bite. […]

John Langlois’ tips for trophy red snapper fishing

Expert John Langlois’ shares his top 12 tips for catching trophy red snapper while fishing the waters off the Louisiana coast. […]

Tips for cleaning snappers

Ricky Richoux of Slimeslingers Professional Fish Cleaning gives a detailed step-by-step guide of how he cleans red snapper. […]

Snapper from smaller boats

Many red snapper trips are made on offshore boats. Capt. Eric Dumas figured out a way to make it happen for himself in his 24-foot Ranger bay boat. […]