Louisiana Sportsman Xtra gives readers the opportunity to immerse themselves in one particular subject — topwater fishing, early season deer hunting, catching  crappie, speckled trout or largemouth bass — with a handful of articles that enables them to have plenty of tips, tactics and know-how at their fingertips. Xtra is a monthly feature of Louisiana Sportsman that can be accessed by members online.

Teal Xtra

No matter how many birds decide to show up this month, teal hunters will get 16 days to hunt and a six-bird bag limit. Put these tips to work for you this month. […]

Cobia Xtra

Use these fishing techniques to go home with the tastiest fish that swims. […]

Night Fishing Xtra

Stay cool when the fishing is hot by heading out after the sun goes down. […]

Red Snapper Xtra

The long awaited opening of red snapper season is finally upon us, and anglers across the state are eager to once again clear some room in their freezer. […]

Spring Trout Xtra

Moderate water temperatures make May a nearly perfect month to catch speckled trout in any coastal body of water. […]

Sheepshead Xtra

One fish that is available year-round and bites well during warm and cold weather is sheepshead. […]

March Bass Xtra

The bass spawn is fast approaching, but unpredictable spring weather can make consistently catching fish difficult. Here’s how to overcome the challenge. […]

Crappie 2021 Xtra

February is known as the beginning of sac-a-lait time for serious anglers. These delectable panfish begin to congregate in predictable staging areas as spawning season approaches. […]

Winter Trout Xtra

Water temperatures might be falling this month as winter really sets in, but that doesn’t mean you should sit at home. Instead, head out to fill the box with speckled trout. […]