One fish that is available year-round and bites well during warm and cold weather is sheepshead.

An easy way to clean sheepshead

Humberto Fontova expertly demonstrates the proper step-by-step technique of how to clean a sheepshead — including a great tip on avoiding the rib bones. […]

Species spotlight: Sheepshead

Sheepshead are sought after by many anglers for their sporty fight as well as their tasty table fare. Most succesful anglers devote a lot of time to them. […]

Catching Trout and Sheepshead Smackdown with Greg Hackney

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A back-up option that’s actually better in the cold

One of the many challenges of being a fishing guide is the pressure of putting clients on fish day in and day out, no matter the weather. […]

Four reasons why you should fish sheepshead this month

Kerry Audibert explains why you should make the long run from Shell Beach to Breton Sound to catch sheepshead, bull reds, and black drum. […]

How to clean a sheepshead

Sheepshead are a delight on the table. Kerry Audibert walks through the steps to becoming an expert at filleting sheepshead. […]

Battledore meat haul — Best fishing tips for sheepshead

Don’t worry about extreme low tides and marsh-emptying north winds: Head to this collection of platforms to mop up on delectable sheepshead. […]

Reds N’ Heads

Capt. Rory Rorison says he copes with the fickleness of March by specifically targeting “reds and heads” in Breton Sound and Black Bay. […]