Catching Trout and Sheepshead Smackdown with Greg Hackney

Season 6, Episode 7

The trout fishing this month should start firing up with the passing of the April full moon. As the trout begin their transition into spawning places you’ll want to catch them in certain places. Luckily, you can watch this week’s episode of Sportsman TV to find out what Captain Marty Lacoste of Absolute Charters does to find trout this time of year.

For this episode, Captain Marty went looking for flocks of birds in one of Dularge’s large lakes on the coast. Marty put host Greg Hackney right on the goods as the two caught trout nearly every cast. The bag was mixed with some keepers and some throw backs but also with a bonus addition of white trout. White trout, unlike specks, do not have a size limit and Capt. Marty gives his some advice on what do with the white trout if you decide to keep them.

In this episode, Hackney talks about the advantages of monofilament and braided lines. The crew used monofilament to catch their trout and Hackney breaks down the reasons.

The key to success for the duo was to get out early before sunrise and be at their spot just as the fish started to bite. They used popping coals and plastic baits which you can see in the episode.

After catching a nice mess of trout, they decided to go after another species – sheepshead. Often a last resort for Captain Marty when weather gets bad, the crew thought it would be fun to show the audience how to target sheepshead. In the episode you will see where the sheepshead gang up and what technique to use to make sure they bite.

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