Moderate water temperatures make May a nearly perfect month to catch speckled trout in any coastal body of water.

Topwater troubles?

May is a great month to throw topwater lures for speckled trout all along the coast, and it’s especially true in Big Lake. […]

Top tips for bird fishing success

Larry Frey doesn’t particularly like bird-fishing, but he will occasionally chase after them in May, when the birds are diving in full-force. […]

Deep thoughts for springtime Delacroix specks

According to Larry Frey, taking a page from your wintertime playbook can pay big dividends for speckled trout fishermen in May. […]

Louisiana’s Top 10 May trout hotspots

Speckled trout should be practically begging to get into your ice chests this month — if you know where to focus your efforts. […]

May speckled trout techniques: The Carolina rig

Capt. Craig Matherne and Capt. Charlie Thomason have been using the Carolina rig as an effective way to catch a quick limit of speckled trout. […]

May speckled trout techniques: The sliding cork

Capt. Eric Dumas understands that using the right cork at the right time helps him catch more speckled trout. […]

May speckled trout techniques: The drop-shot rig

Capt. John Falterman sees the drop-shot rig as a power-fishing technique that puts more speckled trout in his boat than anything else. […]

May speckled trout techniques: The double rig

Captain Marty LaCoste with Absolute Fishing Charters insists fishing a double rig keeps him consistently catching limits of speckled trout. […]