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  • Ball bungee tricks
    One of the items Joshua Chauvin uses most in the field happens to be one of the cheapest and simplest devices out there: the ball bungee.
  • It’s time to crunch your deer numbers
    Does your deer data match the way you’re managing them. Now is a good time to look at your collected data and do some ciphering.
  • Matrix X-Shad
    The Matrix XShad is the exact mold of the Matrix Shad, except it gives anglers the opportunity to rig it weedless or on an open-faced jighead.
  • May is an oasis for trout fishermen
    For Capt. Justin Bowles, May is one of his favorite months of the year. Louisiana fishermen can’t wait for speckled trout to move in May.
  • Mudbugs, kayaks and kids
    Activities like crawfishing from a kayak can be relatively inexpensive and productive. James and Kaleb Kellum go on crawfishing adventure in their kayaks.
  • Species Spotlight: Largemouth bass
    Bass are the nation’s No. 1 gamefish because of their existence in such a wide variety of water types. They also eat just about anything.

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