Influx of river water may push Delacroix fish to the middle

Rimmer Jennings of Cleveland, Miss., caught this beautiful bronze redfish on market shrimp under a cork by the Twin Pipelines while fishing with Capt. Chad Dufrene.

Capt. Chad Dufrene said that between the squeeze of an encroaching, muddy river and the hovering threat of coronavirus, anglers who venture out should be able to find some fish in the mid-zone middle of the Delacroix area.

“Truth is, there are still some trout hanging out in the inside waters, in areas like Lake Fausan, Lake Campo, Four Horse Lake  and over around Petain and Tanasia Lagoon, but how much longer they’ll hang out is anybody’s guess — and they haven’t really stacked up in any of those areas in any substantial numbers,” said Dufrene (985-637-6357).

“I know you can work those areas with live shrimp under a cork and some shrimp-colored plastics and still catch some fish. But their migration instinct is irresistible, and for the most part, those trout are heading out to the bigger bays and looking for higher salinities to spawn this month.”

Dufrene said the key in May will be to find good water in the middle zones as the muddy river water encroaches from all sides.

“Once again, the Spillway waters want to put the squeeze on us from the east side, and Mardi Gras Cut continues to pour in from the west side, so that only leaves the middle area for the trout to seek saltier water,” he said. “I’m talking about Lake Calabasse, Lake Fortuna, Lake Machais and the Lake of Two Trees.

“Of course, the bigger concern is the trout get squeezed out altogether by the freshwater and leave the whole area. They must have that saltier water to spawn, and they’ll go wherever they have to to find it.”


But since the Spillway opening this year is supposed to be only for a few weeks, he’s hoping that worst-case scenario won’t happen.

“I’m cautiously optimistic,” he said. “The lakes I just mentioned are usually very productive in May, and the fish we’ve seen so far have been nice-sized. I know we can go there right now and work live shrimp under a cork or shrimp colored soft plastics under a cork in those waters and catch some fish. I like to fish around the broken marsh islands, or off points, always looking for clean water, moving current and bait in the water. Find that and you’ll find fish.”

Dufrene said all the interior lakes are holding reds, but many are so grassed up they’re unfishable. He said the best bet is the larger outside lakes like Grand Point Bay, Bay Lafourche and American Bay.

“Look for areas with big coves and points that aren’t grassed up and soak a dead shrimp under a cork,” he said. “The reds will find you.”

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