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  • A cast by any other name
    I never do a presentation on fly fishing for speckled trout without including the Vertically Oriented Strike Indicator (VOSI). My creation has helped me to catch thousands of specks on the long rod.
  • A life well-lived: Making memories in the woods
    This month, I am stepping a bit outside of this column’s normal subject matter, but I feel strongly about the message. 
  • Another look at CWD feeding ban
    Unless you have been holed up in a cave with no way of communicating for the past three or four months, you are well aware that a buck discovered on Jan. 25 in Issaquena County, Miss. tested positive for chronic wasting disease.
  • Choosing the right hunting outfitter
    The anticipation and planning for a fall hunting trip can be as much fun as the actual adventure. But sometimes that eager anticipation is the only good thing about the whole experience — especially when the hunt goes bad.
  • Easy (and delicious) shrimp recipes
    Fishing with a chef is always fun: When you get back to the camp, it’s not bologna sandwiches.
  • How to age white-tailed deer: Part I
    Deer can be placed into specific categories, such as fawns, yearlings, young adults (2- to 3-year-olds), mature adults (4- to 6-year-olds) and old adults (7-year plus). Here's how to age fawns.
  • It’s topwater trout time
    If you’re looking to catch the biggest trout of your life, now is the time. 
  • Rapala’s Scatter Rap Glass Shad
    Some anglers refer to the plastic lip recently added to the Rapala Glass Shad crankbait as a “potato chip lip,” which is what it closely resembles.
  • Venom puts the sting in stingrays
    If there is a fish that saltwater anglers dislike hooking more than a hardhead catfish, it’s got to be a stingray. The presence of the truly venomous sting on their tail means there really is no good way to unhook them. 
  • Waypoints for Cocodrie & Dulac
    As a help in fishing the area, I have complied fishing waypoint positions throughout the area. Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS waypoints for Cocodrie ~ Dulac has over 165 GPS waypoints in and around the area.

Outdoor Updates - May 2018

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Hot Spots - May 2018

  • ‘Pick apart’ Cane River for post-spawn bass
    The list of good places to fish on the Cane River in Natchitoches is long. You’ve got miles of shoreline reeds, scattered brush tops, a plethora of boat docks, grass beds, lily pad fields and combinations of all those. And that goes on for 30 miles (60 total miles of shoreline if you count both banks).
  • Bet on (Bayou) Black bass
    There’s an area that Bill McCarty never passes up when he wants to put bass in the boat in May.
  • Find the bait in Cocodrie
    Sometimes fishing holes are just like real estate: It’s all about location, location, location.
  • Go east for Grand Isle trout
    This spring was crazy, with fronts pushing through the state well into April. But things should be settling down as summer approaches, and that’s when Grand Isle trout fishing will really get cranked up, according to Good Times Charters’ Capt. Jake Scardino (504-382-5639.)
  • Head south for late Toledo Bend spawners
    You get an idea of what a huge, sprawling impoundment Toledo Bend is when you consider that, for the most part, the spawn is a done deal on much of the lake shared by Louisiana and Texas.
  • It’s prime time for speckled trout at Big Lake
    With a little cooperation from Mother Nature, Capt. Nick Poe expects May to be a banner month for speckled trout on Big Lake.
  • MRGO, Bay Eloi highlight speckled trout action out of Shell Beach
    My old friend Capt. Tim Ursin, aka Capt. Hook (504-512-2602) said if he had fingers on his left hand he’d have bitten the nails off long ago worrying about the absence of shrimp in the water — along with the absence of speckled trout, too.
  • Raccoon Island speckled trout
    A scenic barrier island known as a great pelican rookery and near-offshore waters teeming with speckled trout and other saltwater fish in the Gulf of Mexico will be very popular in May.
  • Speckled trout options out of Venice
    Fishing out of Venice usually depends on what the Mississippi River is doing — and May is no exception. 
  • Spillway opening not the end of the world for fishermen
    Spillway openings have been frequent in the last few years, and for Lake Pontchartrain anglers, that usually means short-term trouble.
  • Trout fishing looking up in Lafitte
    Capt. Sean Thornton (504-388-4535) said it’s seemed like the speckled trout had the air let out of their tires because they were a no-show after this winter’s big freeze, but May should have prime speck action back on track.
  • Try crawfish for Lake D’Arbonne bream
    Bluegill and chinquapin bream are just getting going on Lake D’Arbonne in Union Parish. And while there are many ways to catch them, you need to stand out in the crowd to make the most of it — and that doesn’t mean wearing a bright yellow shirt or singing country songs loudly in the boat.