Bass Fishing

Tackle organization bolsters efficiency

Wherever you hunt largemouth bass, opportunities can rise and fall quickly, so preparation is paramount. An important element of your readiness is the organization of, and easy access to, your terminal tackle. Hooks, weights, swivels, etc. all need to remain conveniently reachable, lest you miss your chance. […]

Bass Fishing

Busting Delta marsh bass

With morning glories blooming across the canal, Capt. Cody Obiol was pushing away from the dock as I waited for his boss, Capt. Ryan Lambert to launch his Skeeter bay boat. Obiol was after bull reds that morning, but he knew my mission involved something much different, so his gracious salutation stoked my optimism. […]


The new Port Eads

For one thing, the modern and comfortable facility set in the middle of the world’s most fertile fishing grounds is not simply Port Eads. It’s now called the Port Eads Marina. […]


A fisheries football

Red snapper management has been a fisheries football kicked back and forth between federal and state managers, snapper fishermen and environmental groups since 1990, when the first serious regulations were imposed on recreational fishermen. […]


Keep it legal

Inshore fishermen making their first foray offshore for shallow water red snappers should be aware that simple Basic and Saltwater Recreational Fishing Licenses are not enough to bring red snapper back to the dock. […]


Sting the king

Lean, mean biting machines, king mackerel pack a mouthful of sharp teeth that’ll make short work of monofilament or even fluorocarbon line. These fish are also notorious for snipping baits in half and missing single hook-rigs. […]

News Breaker

Two big bluefin caught out of Venice

They say it’s better to be lucky than good.

That was the case for four captains with Mexican Gulf Fishing Company in Venice on May 3 while they were wrapping up another successful yellowfin tuna trip about 35 miles south of Port Eads.  […]