Get ready, get set, go for teal! Part 2

Hunter Simmons of Mer Rouge has been in the duck blind with some of the best duck hunters in the South since he was old enough to hold a shotgun. Well, truth be told, even before that. And that usually included not missing out on Louisiana’s early bird teal season. […]

News Breaker

Slow teal season comes to an end

Not surprisingly, hunters and guides across South Louisiana reported relatively slow action for most of the 16-day 2016 teal season, which came to a merciful end Sunday on yet another 90 degrees-plus day. […]


High-tide teal

As the remnants of tropical storm Isadore raced eastward, I hastily gathered my gear in a last-ditch effort to salvage what was left of the teal season, which was quickly being snatched away from me. […]