Air power

I had spent a good 30 minutes creeping up on three particularly vigilant cat squirrels. It was late in the season, and even though I was covered head to toe in a leafy Ghillie suit, it was slow going against the hyper-alert critters.[…]


Bark up the right tree – How to make the most of squirrel hunting with dogs

Somewhere inside the small patch of woods surrounded by sugarcane fields, Hoke hunted. Maybe no more than 20 acres in size, if you flew over it the woodland would resemble a postage stamp stuck in the middle of an envelope.

A mix of hackberry, swamp maple, water and pin oaks, the isolated habitat wasn’t large enough to support a deer population, but it’s perfect for big red fox squirrels.

Hoke was used to the terrain, having hunted it before. There’d be no surprises on the afternoon. The goal was simply to spend a couple of hours hunting on a day already short because of winter, and if all went well the day would culminate with shooting a couple of the tree dwellers for the pot.[…]


Late-Season Squirrels

From the piney woods of the north to the alluvial Mississippi River basin’s bottomland hardwoods to the coastal marshes — all across Louisiana there is a certain quietness that seems to take over in late winter. No longer do you hear the mufflers of four wheeler engines running in the woods, or the sound of a rifle shot bringing its result to you at the speed of sound.[…]